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Solar-Powered Agriculture
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Based in beautiful Brentwood, California, Purple Shed provides solar solutions for hydroponic farming. Our Germination Station is powered entirely by the sun, saving your wallet from expensive energy bills while also saving the planet.

A First of Its Kind

Our solar-powered hydroponic kit provides continuous oxygen and light; natural sunlight replaces power-hungry artificial lighting, powers the air pump and charges two nightlights. Saves your wallet and the planet!

Our kit provides plants with everything they need to develop incredibly healthy roots. Simply refill the water reservoir every 3-5 days and add nutrients every two weeks!

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Purple Principles ☀️

We love what we do, and are passionate about solar-powered agriculture. We are proud to play a small role in improving the way we grow with hydroponics.

Benefits of Solar Hydroponics

💰 Saves Money: Our solar hydro kit is powered entirely by the sun; it contributes $0 to your electricity bill.

💧 Saves Water: Hydro consumes ~ 75% less water than soil.

⭐ Eliminates Errors: Eliminates over/under watering errors.

🙂 Simple: Just add nutrients every two weeks and refill the water reservoir every 4-6 days.

🌱 Better Results: Vegetables and herbs love hydroponics; roots are able to absorb water and nutrients as needed. 

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